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Bathroom tile
Bathroom with shower, bathtub and vanity with stone wall.

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 Kitchen & Bathroom  Remodeling 
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Kitchen countertop with backsplash.


Shower wall and pan.


Vanity with tile countertop.


  You deserve a home that you love. It's time to start that project you've been thinking of for years. Whether you want completely transform your home or simply revitalize your kitchen or bathroom, there's only on name to call: Juravle Tile & Remodeling. Our construction and remodeling professionals in Sacramento Area, will treat your home like there own by paying meticulous attention to quality and detail - every corner and edge will be perfect. 
  Providing top-notch service is the core of our business. We want to come home to a house that you're proud of and comfortable in. We aim to create your dream home step by step. Contact us today to get started.

    About Us 

Slate floor.

  Since 2006, people from all over Sacramento area, have turned to Juravle Tile & Remodeling for the finest kitchen and bathroom remodeling services. We are proud to be an authentic family-operated small business where clients are treated just like family, with full-service personalized attention. As a general building contractor and tile contractor, we are dedicated to giving our clients the living space they've always wanted.  

We are interior and exterior remodel experts who specialize in kitchen & bathroom remodeling and tile installation. We love teaming with our clients to install modern touches, such as granite countertop, cabinets, flooring, and all the tine details needed to make a remodel project unique and special.
We look forward to adding your name to our list of satisfied clients.

Patio slate tile floor.
Patio stone.
Patio slate.

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Wine room travertine floor.
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Shower wall & pan with marble.


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